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Have you heard the saying “life is better together”?

At Rocky Fork we believe groups are where you can best experience that. We all
desire to grow spiritually. Part of our spiritual growth happens through growing our
relationships. All of our groups are a relaxed setting where we experience life
together. What does that look like? Well, we share stories, we connect with others, we
can encourage others and be encouraged, all while learning to be more like Jesus. It
is also a place to ask questions, because often we need the wisdom others can share
rather than leaning on our own understanding. In the process we find people to love
and trust.

Take a chance, join a group!

Take a look through the list, we know different groups fit
different people. Don’t give up till you find your fit, your tribe, your people. We know
you won’t regret it. We can’t think of a better way to Know Jesus and Love Like Him.

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