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Serving to Thriving

In a uncertain and hostile world we will often find ourselves at a point of challenging decisions.  One of the most important choices we will make is whether we will just survive or choose to Thrive.  Join us as we take a look at the book of 1 Peter where the Apostle Peter shares a letter that shares hope and instruction with us.

August 2-30



Bible Stories

Throughout the Bible we find story after story pointing to God's plan and great love for us.  Every person, every event and every lesson contains a message for us.  What's most exciting is God has invited us to be a part of His story.  Join us as we journey through Bible Stories together.

June 7 -

July 26, 2020


Jesus is Greater Series

In our lives we will face fears, anxiety, sins, regret, death, grief, loneliness and pain.  This world can weigh us down, but we don't have to let it keep us there.  We don't have to lose heart, we can take courage, we don't have to be afraid, we can have confidence in Christ, He has overcome...Jesus is Greater.

March 26 - 

May 31, 2020

(Video to the left is Live Stream version, video below labeled 5.31.20 is prerecorded.)


He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the One who is and was and who is to come, the Almighty.  He is the Son of the Living God, our redeemer, our savior, our friend.  Join us as we explore the book of John, and experience

Jesus through the eyes of the disciple whom He loved.

Sermon Series:

Jan 5th - Apr 19th, 2020

Experiencing Jesus for Yourself