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At Rocky Fork, we have designed a Discipleship Path to help guide you on your journey. Our desire is to walk with you as you come to Know Jesus and Love Like Him.

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The Journey

Every journey is made in steps. The same is true for your faith journey. We have identified three primary steps which occur in the life of every disciple: KNOW, GROW, and GO. 


This may seem simple on the surface. Just about everyone we meet knows of Jesus. We believe this step involves more than that. We want to help you get to know more about who Jesus is and what He has to offer you. Our hope is that you will come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior, and continue to develop a deeper relationship with Him. Knowing Him lays a foundation for you to grow in Him.


Every relationship we have changes us in some way… some relationships more than others. We have seen how a relationship with Jesus changes people profoundly, and we want you to experience that kind of transformation. As you recognize the significance of His actions, you grow to love and appreciate Him more and more. You become less focused on yourself and more focused on living for others… just as Jesus did. You become a willing servant, ready to go accomplish the mission He gave us.


What do we do with the most important things in life? We share them with people we love. God gave you unique gifts, talents, and experiences so that you could use them to help the people around you. He desires for you to live in a community like that. The truth is, God gave you these things because He loves you, so when you share them with others, you are actually sharing His love. That is what Jesus meant when He said they will know us by our love.

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